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We used the weekend of April 23-24 as rigging weekend. Dennis Green is loaning us his spinnaker set up for the Florida 300 so we had to figure out how we were going to rig his Nacra 6.0 spinnaker on the Supercat 20. Main difference between the two boats is that the Nacra is 8' 6" wide and my Supercat is 12' 6" wide.

I have run a spinnaker on other boats including my tall rig which is 6' taller but we always ran our "Screecher" on the short rig mast. Dick Macdonald (Team Turtle Mojo also racing the Florida 300) showed up early Saturday to help me put the boat on it's side so I could inspect the top rigging and we could work on setting up the spin hardware for the top of the mast. Luckily Eric Roberts is local and offered assistance on Saturday and helped me with some boat set up issues, sorting out the top hardware for the spin and come up with a game plan for the rest of the rigging. Unfortunately we were not able to get the boat out on the water Saturday.

Sunday was another early day but it was not all work. Kerri Powell Van Eaton and the kids came down and we went for a nice sail before work commenced again.

We timed our sail so we got in just before Rob Behrend showed up to go through some maintenance items and finish rigging the spin. Unfortunately we ran out of time and were not able to get the boat on the water to test the spin set up but we were able to take care of a lot of items to prepare for out run from Singer Island to Islamorada which incorporated the Miami Key Largo.

The Sail Series Promotions - Florida 300 is May 17-22 so tune in. We plan on live broadcasting the starts from the boat and possibly updates during the race.