f300 Day3

Today was a better day than yesterday. We started with really light air with spin and lost a lot of ground to the main fleet. We had some issues with our spinnaker pole and could not run it "hot" but did not have enough time to sort it along with our other fixes from the previous day's survival run. Eventually it got faster and we were single trapped on a reach, to double trap reach, to single trap spin to double trap spin. With the better wind we were able to catch up to Cat in the Hat and Team Tiger and mangaged to pass both in the last five miles through some good tactical decisions, great wind, Mark Herendeen doing an awesome job pulling lines and Mike Shappell getting the boat back on the line after all the priority items we had on our "Must Do" list. We caught a bit of weather toward the end but made it in before the big stuff hit.

These are some shots from our helmet cameras. Too busy to do more.