The team is led by Craig Van Eaton who's racing background developed from karting to auto racing and finally sailboat racing. who has beend racing endurance races since 2001. Craig has won the Endurance Series Championship in 2007 and finished second in 2009. After the 2009 season, Van Eaton decided to take a few years off from racing to start a family but still remained in the sport through series and race management. Craig helped organize the first two Florida 300 races with a focus on marketing. Now stepping back from those duties, he decided to start racing again.

Craig spent much of last year with Mike Shappell and Rob Behrend restoring the team's Supercat 20 and going through the individual systems. Extensive work was done on the hulls and Mast. The front end was reingineered adding a third crossbar to improve structural integrity of the boat and make the boat stiffer.