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TEAM CYBERSPEED is officially entered in the 2018 Florida 300 which will be run May 8-12. Because the Islander Resort in Islamorada suffered major damage during hurricane Irma, the starting line has been moved to Palm Beach Shores. St. Augustine and Fernandina Beach stops have been added to complete the 300 mile course. Craig Van Eaton, Rob Behrend, Mark Herendeen and Mike Shappell are the core of the Singer Island based team and looking forward to having the start a few hundred yards from where the boat is based. TEAM CYBERSPEED is looking to improve their 3rd place in class and 9th place overall results from 2016.

Both Craig Van Eaton and Mike Shappell have been sailing off Palm Beach Shores for decades and are excited about having the race start in Palm Beach Shores instead of just stopping there. Craig Van Eaton was also instrumental in bringing the Florida 300 to Palm Beach Shores when he was helping to organize the race in it’s initial years. Having the start at Palm Beach Shores will give the teams a better feel for Singer Island. Instead of one night, some of the teams will spend the entire weekend before the race setting up and getting a feel for the coastal waters which are much different than the Keys.

In order to prepare for a major race, much preparation and training is needed. Preparations have been in the works since the Supercat 20 catamaran was taken off the beach two days before Hurricane Irma. The major training comes into play when the team head down to Miami for the Miami-Key Largo race. This year, Miami Yacht Club, decided to extend the race for the catamarans by racing back to Miami on the following day making it the Miami-Key Largo-Miami Race. In order to keep the momentum going, TEAM CYBERSPEED is going to continue the journey by sailing back to Palm Beach Shores to put the boat on the starting line for the Florida 300. Craig and Rob have raced the Miami-Key Largo many times and look forward to adding the additional two legs.

Another benefit of the Northern start is that the teams will get to get a taste of the coastal landscape past Daytona. Plans are in the works for 2019 to bring back a version of the 1000 mile race that has fueled passion and extinguished dreams. Mark Herendeen knows what lies ahead because he has finished one Worrell 1000 along with three Tybee 500’s and two Florida 300’s. The last Florida 300 was done with TEAM CYBERSPEED.

TEAM CYBERSPEED is looking for sponsorship for this year’s Florida 300 with an eye for the Worrell 1000 Reunion. Having the starting line off the beaches of West Palm Beach this year presents new opportunities that could lead to even greater adventures. There are both team and race sponsorships available. Please contact Craig Van Eaton for more information.

Dennis Green, Calvert Sails, Kettle Cinema, Damon Linkous and the entire Florida 300 team. Looking forward to another year of adventure!

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